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Chef Jeff's
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14157 Route M
Madison, Missouri 65263

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Chef Jeff's Gourmet Catering
"Jeff will make any thing you can think of and it will be mouth watering" -- Edith Letterman

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Born in the small town of Madison Missouri, Jeff started as an apprentice cook at the age of 16, at G’s pancake house in Clarksville, Tennessee. When he was 25 he went on to Moberly Country Club as apprentice chef for 1 year, then went on to receive his Chef accreditation and license at Gourmet Cooking and Catering from P.C.D.I.and soon went on to become Head Chef at Moberly Country Club for 5 years.

His career flourished at the country club but consequently the country club went out of business. Jeff decided to open his own catering business in December of 2011. Jeff considers it an honor to be a chef. "I remember the first time I put my Chef's jacket on," he says. "That was it for me, I was hooked for life." Since then, the hard working, down-to-earth Jeff has dedicated his life to creating exceptional service. When he's not catering an event, he is busy creating different recipes.

Jeff’s motto "Your Mood is Your Food" rings true when you get the chance to sample some of his culinary creations. "I get bored real quick so I am constantly moving & trying to come up with something new or fun with food, People want to be WOWED during their experience and I must be ready for them"!

When you meet Jeff you will hear him say more than once "I Love My Job" and this is the truth, this is one chef who is always on the move. Jeff Wilkey lives in the suburbs of Madison with his wife Crystal and their two children AriAnna Marie and Jace Ryan.

Chef Jeff is now part of the social web world; we are on Facebook! Visit us there to see our latest news, to tell us if you 'like' us, to review your last (enjoyable we hope) catered meal, and to read about our latest delicious creations.

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